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Training Knives

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How to Order

For ordering information, please click on our link below.

Standard Wrapped Dagger

Standard Wrapped Double Edged Dagger

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 12 inches
HANDLE: para-cord wrap over ABS scales
Also Available with TANTO and KRIS style blades. Sheaths also available.

Deluxe Large Dagger

Deluxe Large Dagger

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 14.5 inches
HANDLE:para-cord wrapped 

Sheaths also available. 

Also available in 9.75 inches over-all length(sheath not available at this time).

Neck Knife

Neck Knife

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 7.5 inches
HANDLE: para-cord wrapped.


OVER-ALL LENGTH: 12.5 inches
HANDLE: Para-cord over ABS scales.

Combat Dagger

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 12 inches
HANDLE: para-cord over ABS scales


HANDLE: Para-cord over ABS scales.

Push Dagger

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 5.25 inches
HANDLE: Skeketonized



OVER-ALL LENGTH: 6.5 inches 
Handle:   Para-cord wrapped grip.         


These blades are designed for practice and demonstration purposes only. Improper use may result in serious injury. Always use caution and proper protective equipment when training.
User assumes all liability.