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Filipino Combat Systems
About Us


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Filipino Combat Systems is dedicated to preservation and promotion of the
Filipino Martial Arts and culture.



The FCS members come from extremely diverse backgrounds and Martial Arts systems. We've all come together because of our love of the Filipino Martial Arts, and our unwillingness to become involved in the politics that has so often stifled our growth.

For a listing of FCS instructors and affiliated schools, please go to the FCS Directory page.


We practice the major,as well as several of the lesser known disciplines of the Filipino Martial Arts.

The disciplines taught include but are not limited to:

Mano-Mano / Open Hand
Sikaran / Foot and Legg Fighting
Solo Baston / Single Stick
Double Baston / Double Stick
Dagga / Single Blade
Dagga Dagga / Double Blade
Espada / Sword
Espada y Dagga / Sword and Dagger
Tabak-Toyok / Nunchaku
Latiko / Whip


The classes are kept small ( 10 or fewer students ) in order to fascilitate greater interaction between student and instructor. This allows us to maintain a high quality of instruction and keep the learning at an accelerated pace. We will be adding more classes as the number of students grow.

Regular Workouts

Class Times:

Monday......7:00pm - 9:00pm
Wednsday......7:00pm - 9:00pm

Class Location:

Kinetic Muay Thai
5638 W. Waters Ave.
Tampa, FL 33614
Tel: 813-496-9566
Toll Free: 866-269-8424

Other Classes

Monthly Kali Clinic:

Jan. 18, 2001
6pm - 8pm

Hapkido International
1236 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL 33755

Contact: Rick Deaguila 727-447-1071

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. For information, click on the logo below to go to the contact page.


For seminar schedule, go to Rays Events.
For information on hosting a Filipino Martial Arts seminar at your school, click on the logo below to go to the Contact Me page.

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