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Filipino Combat Systems
Pics Page


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Some of my favorite pictures.....

Freestyle Arts

In front of my first school with some old friends.
Ricardo, Rafael, Mark, Max, Ray, John

The FCS Crew With Guro Dan

Left to Right:
Rene Calara, Al Asher, Dan Inosanto, Mike Haack,
Jose Moritalla, Ray Dionaldo

Shoshin-Ryu Jujitsu Workshop

Jump Spinning Heal

O.K. Everybody Keeps asking if I do any kicks.
So, here's something from my bag of tricks.
Ever hear of SIKARAN?.............

Enter CBII Site

With the
Chinese Boxing Institute International
Cape Coral group
Sifu Ken Mills, Me, Dago, Mike

FCS Gathering

FCS Gathering 11-13-2000
Andy, Mike, Todd, Charlie, Ray, Rick
Aldon, Rich, Jose